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Miracle Motherhood

A Tale of Mary’s Gift of Life is just one part of my journey.
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i’m Shadina Blunt

I am more than just the face of surrogacy as a 2x gestational carrier.

As an experienced gestational carrier, I understand the importance of sharing surrogacy with the children affected by surrogacy. I am an advocate for making gestational surrogacy more accessible for minority families in all areas. My book Miracle Motherhood: A Tale of Mary’s Gift of Life is just one part of my advocacy. I created this book based off my own experience of needing to share surrogacy with my children. When searching for books that supported explaining surrogacy to children, I found it hard to find books that looked like my family.

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The goal of Surrogacy Miracles & Consulting is to assist Intended Parents and Surrogates in navigating the overwhelming complexities of the family building process. SMC provides guidance throughout the surrogacy journey including the medical, legal and emotional support needed to reach each dream of completing a family!

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